New Delhi, Delhi, India | Full-time


Job Description


In this cross functional role, you'll be working with different departments and picking up diverse skills.

You can choose to start with HR, Business development, content and social media marketing, graphic designing or digital marketing.

 We understand that you have less clarity of what these different departments do. So we are the only company that lets you experiment with different departments till you find the perfect match.

We are looking for smart workers and not hard workers. We never give our interns menial jobs. 
If you are working in HR, you will not just sort CV's but also take interviews - or design question flow and employ initiatives. 
If you are working in data analytical, you will not do data entry but learn scraping and advanced excel.

Roles available,

  1. HR Intern
  2. Business development intern
  3. Content and social media marketing Intern
  4. Graphic designing Intern
  5. Digital marketing intern

Are you looking to learn and work smart? Join us!